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Pond House

I absolutely adore this pond house interior from Washington, CT.  My mother must have raised me to love birch because I love these railings acting as aesthetic (and practical!) dividers.  The whole room appears to be so grounded.  Also mixing the … Continue reading

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L’Oreal’s Women of Worth: Pauline Olsen

I know that this might not seem like anything except an architecture blog, but this is about Connecticut, to me.  It’s about home, and for me, home is Hartford.  If you have spare time, check out this website and please … Continue reading

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Hey Everyone, I’m still in Spain, but I saw a couple of great things today. One is the work of Brian Cook, a Manchester Graphic Designer, who created an imaginary metro system for Hartford – give it a couple years, … Continue reading

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The Deconstruction of Barns P. 1

This is a picture of a barn in Johnsonville behind the white Victorian house; while it speaks for itself, you should know that the top picture was taken last August and the second picture was taken in May.  Part II … Continue reading

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The Secret Garden

            I swear that this house invented the Secret Garden.

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It is about a billion degrees (and humid) over here in New England.  While being in a kitchen sounds less than thrilling on a day like today, this icebox island (in the Stoner Mansion) makes me want to crawl inside. … Continue reading

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Cheney House

I love this Cheney Mansion so much.  Other than a couple more rotten pieces of wood, it looks about the same as it did in the winter.  Okay, you caught me, the rocking chair moved a little to the left. … Continue reading

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