Unedited Coney Island

This is my favorite (although unedited) photo of the swings that I took from my trip to Coney Island last Monday.  This could possibly be my favorite photo that I’ve ever taken.  You aren’t able to see how high up these are – definitely not what I’m used to!  The swings had to be 50 feet in the air!  It was a perfect day and I’m so proud to be able to say that I rode on the Wonder Wheel before it is demolished.

To read more about Coney Island visit its Wikipedia page or Amusing the Zillion.

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Cape Cod

Hello, hello! I just got back from Cape Cod – the drive home was hellish, but when does construction make anything any easier?  I know that this post strays away from the typical architecture, but these photos really encapsulate my feelings of the trip, happy and beautiful.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the trip, mainly from Orleans and Provincetown.  I love “The Little Store” and its interior from Ptown (first two on the bottom).

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Movie Theaters

These two movie theaters are at opposite ends of the United States – The Clyde Theater (top in Langley, Whidbey Island, Washington) and The Florida Twin Theater (Bottom in Starke, Florida).  They are perfect because they are small and in quaint towns where there shouldn’t be massive AMCs or Cinema Studios.  The Florida Theater is a two screen movie house showing big budget films whereas The Clyde is an independent movie theater showing independent films and even musical guests on their stage.

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Nicolette Camille

What isn’t to love about this florist‘s Brooklyn home?  I love the blue color scheme (especially the teal blue in the living room – bottom center right), the Indian Toran.  I especially love the sky photos in the wall, which happened to be architecturally framed; those photos were clearly meant to live in that box.

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Recycled House

I love this recycled home. The photo frame ceiling and wine cork backsplash (?) are genius.

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Yesterday I went to Coney Island and it was AWESOME.  Yes, the caps lock was necessary.  I will upload pictures when I find the cord for my camera.  But, this artwork from Lulu Wolf reminded me of my trip.  I love it, I love it, I love it.  I’ll post my pictures sometime soon.

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The Deconstruction of Barns P. 1

This is a picture of a barn in Johnsonville behind the white Victorian house; while it speaks for itself, you should know that the top picture was taken last August and the second picture was taken in May.  Part II to come when my camera cord is found.

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