Hey Everyone,
I’m still in Spain, but I saw a couple of great things today. One is the work of Brian Cook, a Manchester Graphic Designer, who created an imaginary metro system for Hartford – give it a couple years, we’ll get there.  If you want to order a matted poster, go for it! All the proceeds go to ConnectiKids, a non-profit matching kids with activities, role models and opportunities.

The other is that the “Butt Ugly Building” on the North side of I-84 will be knocked down. I don’t know the date. Do you think this is a good thing? Do you think it would be better in the long run to turn this into an ArtSpace or some sort of apartments or mixed use building? I am usually in favor of saving buildings if the condition is good enough. I just can’t help but think that Hartford thinks that a demolition is the quick and dirty way to do something and Hartford also thinks that everything will be better with a quick fix. Could it be better to do something with the existing building? Will it be better (aesthetically or otherwise) for the neighborhood in 20 years? What I really don’t understand is, who are all these people complaining about this building. I don’t think driving by on the highway everyday qualifies each passerby an opinion that should be listened to.

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