Child’s Paradise

I swear that I posted this picture before, thinking that it’s a genius idea for kids to have a great place to grow up and for adults to still feel young at heart.  However, I did not.  The good news, though, is that I found pictures for the rest of the house…

The kids’ father, Alex Michaelis, is an architect who actually listened to what they wanted and incorporated the design into the house blending sleek modernity with childlike whimsy.  What a cool dad!

The roof pictured above (last photo) has “Sedum planted…[which] provides insulation, reduces rain-water runoff, and helps filter carbon dioxide out of the air.”  Going green has never looked better, or more modern, in this London neighborhood, that’s for sure.

The two children asked for a slide, a climbing wall, and a foosball table.  The slide complements the limestone stairs proving that fun (and fast transportation downstairs) doesn’t have to be unsophisticated.  I also love the bean bag in the living room, allowing the kids to sit next to an adult leather couch without adopting the maturity of it.

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