I love Design Sponge!  It has inspiration everywhere and I can always find something to post if I’m running low on time.

Growing up on a farm (and now managing it) I have a special place for burlap, americana and all things farm.  This chair is the perfect example to taking the farm to the house without feeling like you live in a barn, but you could, and that would be cool too.  It’s for sale on etsy.

What’s so nice about this is the centered font on the backing and the Ralph Lauren stripes matching up with the stripe going down the middle.  Who said farms can’t be classy?

Another reason I love this chair:  it makes me want to sit in front of a fire and read a book.  I just reread a book that someone gave to me when I had surgery a few years back.  It makes me think of how great friends are – a note to everyone in the world: children’s books are the best gifts for pick me ups, forget the flowers.  Pages last longer.

I got this book in a package, with a note that starts with, “Hi Kid.”  My favorite page (37) in the book (corny? I don’t care) reads, “I like you because because because/I forget why I like you/But I do.”

Sometimes not having a reason is reason enough.

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