I’m really enjoying these doors by Fitzhugh Karol.  I was recently in Anthropologie and the first thing that I see on the coffee table was the book by Todd Selby (who took these pictures), my new favorite photographer (aside from Mark Loper, of course.  They have different styles and subjects but that’s a different story).  But seeing the book, that means that I either: a.) Need it or b.) Was just meant to be friends with him.  I will add that to my list of things to do, track down and befriend The Selby.

In any case, I really enjoy the industrial/agricultural style of the doors – oversized, reclaimed (or so it seems) wood with a a visible sliding track.

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  1. Madie's Blog says:

    You are an amazing writer, Leah. I love reading your posts. They actually make me feel better.

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