East Haddam

This property is gorgeous…from the outside.  The Victorian house is immaculate on the outside, I would expect the same era appropriateness on the inside.  However, it is a bit outdated – which is fine, but can a house built in 1886 be stuck in the early ’90s and sell for $1.65 million?  Is a view of the Connecticut River that pricey?  Holy cow.  I love it, the outside, anyways.  The studio is beautiful, too.

Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh, and I really just don’t like the dated decorations.  Shouldn’t there be crown molding, though?

Is that baseboard heating in the hallway?

Shouldn’t a $1.65 asking price require a $1.65 worthy bathroom?

I do love the gorgeous beams on the new studio.

Overall, I think that this property has a lot of potential.  I know that I am not supposed to end a conclusion with a question, but is potential what buyers want when their price tag is this large?  Shouldn’t expensive houses be move in ready?  Do I not buy houses enough, am I missing out on something?  I don’t hate the house by any means.  I am just disappointed that with such a charming outside, the interior has little to no personality.  I guess the view is supposed to make up for that.

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