Barn House

My mom always said that I had to pick up my things because we didn’t live in a barn…I wish I could say I lived in this barn, though!  I love this house.  No granite – a plus.  A converted barn – a plus.  Converting a barn into a home is the perfect bridge between old and new.  This Washington, CT house was “built” in 1900.  I’m sure that the structure was built then and the current house that you’re looking at was built within the past 5 years.  In any case, it is gorgeous and $2.5 million.  Fun fact – barns in Connecticut, if they are rezoned, move from agricultural to residential, usually not zoned for commercial use.  That’s crazy, they’d make great restaurants!

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One Response to Barn House

  1. Mary Beth says:

    I’ve always wanted to live in a “different” kind of building – a barn, a firehouse, an old lighthouse. When I make my first 2.5 million, I’m heading to CT!

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