Record Store & Music

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What do record store and coffee shops have in common?  They are both SO cool.  I have never walked into either place to find myself in an empty environment.  Record stores are so warm – both in color and in smell.  When I walk in, I feel like I am walking into my parent’s lives 30 years ago by the smell and size of all the vinyl records.  I love the music blasting in the background, the neat posters and the fact that every square inch of space is utilized.  I just hope that they survive in the age of iTunes.

I like where my last post went, with the little bit of what I have to think about what I’m thinking about…so, what better to go with a record store than my favorite music?  My musical obsession for the past 3 weeks is Laura Marling, who was part of Noah and the Whale before doing her own thing.  I don’t care if her album came out in 2008, I just discovered it and time doesn’t change feeling – the lyrics speak the same as they did two years ago.  She’s great, I proclaim her the Joni Mitchell (not that anyone will replace Joni) of the 2000s.  I love her voice, her guitar, her style. Favorite song?  New Romantic.

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One Response to Record Store & Music

  1. courtneykane says:

    I love her too. My favourite is Old Stone.

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