Paul and Dalton Plantation

The other day I googled “Plantations for Sale,” just to see what kind of farms are in the South – do they still look like they did a hundred years ago, or what I’d imagine that to be?  Plantation Services was one of the first to pop up…and after a few clicks I found this 3030 acre property, pictured above.  The grounds include a “main house, guest houses, manager’s house, airstrip and hanger, kennels, stables, and equipment sheds.”  Is that gorgeous or what?  I love the Spanish moss, the house (the windows, the brick, the shingled additions…just everything).  I also love the guest houses.

Because 3/4 of the property is under a conservation easement, the buyer pool shifts from someone looking for an investment to someone looking for a $22,000,000 vacation home.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the easement facilitates the habitation of endangered birds, fish & wildlife.

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One Response to Paul and Dalton Plantation

  1. Artswebshow says:

    It looks like an amazing place to be

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