Buenos Aires Beauty

{Design Sponge}

A good friend of mine was just talking about how much he enjoys the architecture of the older buildings in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.  This Buenos Aires loft is neither of those, but I do think it shares the same elements – the worn in stucco, and warm colors that make you want to dance.  What I love most (other than everything) is the quilt wall.  It’s such a nice homemade contrast to the antique furniture that would otherwise make this bohemian loft ultra-chic.

The home is owned by Lulu Aldunate, a winner of Design Sponge‘s design on a dime contest.  I think she has perfectly mastered the art of mixing textures, the concrete and stucco with the soft Victorian orange couch and chair.

The critics?  My friend mentioned above thinks that she could have used brighter, bolder, richer colors to contrast the cool tones of the concrete and the stucco.  He also thinks that the furniture is too simple.  I like it.  This is definitely a feminine space, not for the people looking for the man cave that is so sought after in the States.

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One Response to Buenos Aires Beauty

  1. courtneykane says:

    Oh my, I absolutely LOVE this! I want to make a patchwork wall (how did she do that? Is it off cuts of wallpapers or what?)

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