A Shoestring Budget Catskills Home

{The New York Times}

The NYT appropriately named their article “A Second Home, a Starter Budget.”  This Brooklyn couple redecorated this Catskills house on a deadline – it had to be done by their wedding date.  Since they couldn’t afford a house in the Big Apple, the logical thing to do since it is so important to own property, they bought a house in upstate New York where property prices are cheap, cheap, cheap.  The $95,000 property includes a 700 square foot house, an 800 square foot barn and eight and a half acres.  They redid this home on a shoestring budget of $10,000 – $2,352 of which went towards decorating.

My favorite part of the house?  They converted the attached garage (the appendage with all the windows) into a living room.  A close second is the staircase with mint walls lined with pictures.  Also, the fact that the house was decorated solely with “acquiring pieces through Craigslist, thrift shops and yard sales, receiving free items from family and friends and finding things on the street.” (NYT)

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