Tomorrow I am going under the knife, so this is my Friday-came-early post that should last through the weekend.

Is this a dream property? Well, it’s my dream property, or one of them at least.  This estate has 607 beautiful, sprawling acres situated in what Budget Travel named one of America’s coolest small towns, Cayucos, California.  I am hesitant to display this property because I want it so much!  The amount of people looking for a ranch in California who read my blog is fairly slim, though?   l I think it’s great, just my style, rural and falling apart – but so much potential.  I love the ranch with the 1910 farmhouse and the livestock barn.  Any property with a barn has added appeal for me.  What strikes me most about the property is that by looking at the ocean from wherever the original owners were standing, I can imagine exactly why they wanted to build their house on that plot of land.  Then, I can only create stories in my head about how much loving labor went into building that first person’s “American Dream.”  How many hands have opened the doorknob, how many cattle have been driven through that barn, grazed on that grass – for the germaphobe that must be horrifying, but for me it’s living history and it’s fascinating!  Where’s my hammock when I need it?

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