The Outback…in California

{The New York Times, and their slideshow}

What isn’t there to love about this Sonoma house based on the architecture of the Australian Outback.  Okay, you caught me.  The featured house in this blog post is the guest house.  It really just reminds me of what I imagine (what the movies make) the Australian bungalows to look like.  I love, love, love the corrugated tin (or is it oxidized steel?) roof, the wraparound porch, and the all around rusticity of it.

The photo strip of the house includes: the art studio and massage space, influenced by Ecuador architecture; the master bathroom, with the metal walls as a homage to the lack of wood in the Outback; the house from the guest house; and the wraparound porch on the main house.

The final, full sized picture is of a galvanized bathtub on the porch on the main house.

The laid back appeal of “a rural Australian house” was successfully replicated in this 5 ace Sonoma compound by Linda Dodwell and her Australian architect, Michael Rigg.  What is not pictured is the aboriginal artwork scattered throughout the house and all of the details that make it so special.

Five Stars! Job well done.

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1 Response to The Outback…in California

  1. Kelsey Olmstead says:

    I love this Leah!!!! it is so cute!

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