Richard Gere’s $8.8 Million Home

{Hooked on Houses, TMZ}

So these pictures may be a year old, it doesn’t matter, my opinion on the house has not changed.  The picture of the house on the left I love, it looks like the house is in old New England, but the picture on the right makes it look so much bigger, so much more Hollywood.  I have to assume there were additions made to the house because of the changing roofline.  I’m sure that the rooms are all very nice, there a photos – so, actually I know, but this house has so much more appeal as a well kept cottage (left) than the sprawling, boxy mansion that it actually is.

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One Response to Richard Gere’s $8.8 Million Home

  1. teresa g. says:

    I saw this house also about a year ago, it was for sale in the Hamptons. The name of the house is “Too Many Maples” because there are so many maple trees on the property. It was for sale for $7 million. The inside is great- lovely, comfortable, understated. Perfectly matched to the age and style of the home. The property was equally nice— pool, porches etc…

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