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What isn’t there to love about this Airstream used as a lawn ornament?  Jen Bilik of Knock Knock has this home in the Mar Vista neighborhood of L.A.  Instead of building her own house, she spent seven years renovating this one and what a beautiful job she did.  She planned on living in the 1968 Airstream (and spend $30,000 on the trailer, pad, restoration, utilities and landscaping) during the renovations but decided there wasn’t enough room for her and the dogs, so she lived there for a grand total of one week.  Her house is beautiful and keeping the trailer as a decoration is so creative.  Clearly someone agreed with her sense of quirkiness because the house sold in one week.

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One Response to Love This

  1. Kelsey Olmstead says:

    what a setting…. an airstream with palm trees around it! hahaah so you leah!

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