The Surf Hotel

{BI Beach Real EstateProvidence Journal}

The Surf Hotel, Block Island, R.I.

This thirty-five bedroom hotel and adjoining seven bedroom B&B are on the market!  Ironically enough, I called my mom to tell her how excited I was that my favorite hotel was for sale and she said she and my dad stayed there a number of years ago.  The current owners, Ulric and Beatrice Cyr, have run the seaside hotel since 1956 along with one of their daughters, Lorraine.  Back then they cooked three meals a day, now breakfast is served and the guests can find their own lunch and dinner.  Apparently the hotel had its regulars.  I believe it went on the market in 2007, while it has not sold, there is interest (for some, fear for others) in turning the hotel into condos.  I want it, I want it, I want it.  And for only $8.5 million, I can have them both.

There is a great article on projo.

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