Silas W. Robbins Kitchen

The REAL tin ceilings are really spectacular, the knockoffs are everywhere, but the old tin (or the real tin) actually do make a difference in appearance (and price-tag).  The dark wood, high ceilings, era light fixtures and the orange walls make the prepspace cozy.  I don’t believe the guests get to see back here, but if they could, they’d be wowed.  Since 2007, when I went on the open house tour, this has been my favorite kitchen.  Classy and sophisticated.  Antique, yet cutting edge.

These stairs were carefully maintained and now glow, sorry I don’t have a picture.

This is what the home looks like today.  If you are interested, please look at their website, Silas W. Robbins B&B.  This house, in historic Wethersfield, CT, not only has a beautiful kitchen, but had a beautiful remodel.  The house caught fire and in 2001 the current owners, John and Shireen Aforismo, gave the 1873 French Second Empire house a proper restoration and made it into its present day bed and breakfast self.  My mother knew a boy who grew up in the house and he said there was such a long hallway upstairs that he and his friends or siblings would bowl.

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One Response to Silas W. Robbins Kitchen

  1. Super Burbs says:

    Wow! What a kitchen – I can’t get over the real tin ceiling! My grandparents had the same thing. So beautiful!

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