Break Down Magic

Once again, these are from Johnsonville Rd.  Clearly, all of these are falling down, and I honestly hope that someone (hopefully me) will be able to fix them up and let the buildings have what they deserve – restructuring & paint & people inside of them.  Even though the buildings deserve more, there is something majestic about watching them decay.  (That sounds horrible-but when they get repaired the results will be all the better and drastically different, in the best way.)  This way, it is easy to see how long it takes to build the homes and watch them fall, and we are able to see how history changes as the walls fall down.

Sorry this is rambling on and on…

Photos by Leah Beckett

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One Response to Break Down Magic

  1. Gina says:

    I was married here at Johnsonville in 1993. It is truly a spectacular area.. Hope someone can save it and bring it back to life…

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