Beach Bummin’ the way it should be done…

Once again, less is s’more! How fun would it be to have a bonfire on that beach? The home owners have their priorities straight, owning a tiny house with expansive ocean views- having a smaller house means less things and more life, right?? I do fear that this house will be subject to demolition, once someone with more money moves into this Laguna Beach neighborhood. There is something to be said for keeping some things the way they are. Everyone likes eclecticism.

Photos by Leah Beckett

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2 Responses to Beach Bummin’ the way it should be done…

  1. daner says:

    not bad

  2. Erin says:

    Exactly: location, location, location. Southern California is becoming littered with monstrosities on the beach that make the residents just want to spend the entire time inside their houses rather than out and enjoying the location they paid for. And you can’t beat that awesome rock this one is built on!

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