Rustic American Style

The other day some of my friends asked me why I love America so much.  I think the answer lies in the pictures above.  We are in such an eclectic country where the working man often wins.  That’s about the last time I talk about the Protestant Work Ethic, but I think it’s why I love the USA.  I love everything americana and how simple and elegant it can be, contrasted to all of Europe where gold plating and tall ceilings showed your wealth.  People back home, I think, are wealthy in their expressions.  My friend Danielle said that she is sick of Europe because everyone is the same, everyone wears one of three neutral colors and complains when it is 55 degrees out.  I love America because the summers are humid where I am, and dry where my friends are, I love that we were the renegade country that is now constantly in the spotlight and I love that it’s perfectly acceptable for two adults to swing on a swing in an expansive backyard.  I love that we can be happy and we can tap into our past without it being pretentious.  I will be home in less than two months and I’m getting excited.

The NYT, via ginny branch

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Pond House

I absolutely adore this pond house interior from Washington, CT.  My mother must have raised me to love birch because I love these railings acting as aesthetic (and practical!) dividers.  The whole room appears to be so grounded.  Also mixing the light birch with the dark wood walls makes it seem a little brighter and a little less man-cave like.

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L’Oreal’s Women of Worth: Pauline Olsen

I know that this might not seem like anything except an architecture blog, but this is about Connecticut, to me.  It’s about home, and for me, home is Hartford.  If you have spare time, check out this website and please vote for Pauline!  Your vote could help her Malta House of Care recieve $25,000!  Vote here!

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Hey Everyone,
I’m still in Spain, but I saw a couple of great things today. One is the work of Brian Cook, a Manchester Graphic Designer, who created an imaginary metro system for Hartford – give it a couple years, we’ll get there.  If you want to order a matted poster, go for it! All the proceeds go to ConnectiKids, a non-profit matching kids with activities, role models and opportunities.

The other is that the “Butt Ugly Building” on the North side of I-84 will be knocked down. I don’t know the date. Do you think this is a good thing? Do you think it would be better in the long run to turn this into an ArtSpace or some sort of apartments or mixed use building? I am usually in favor of saving buildings if the condition is good enough. I just can’t help but think that Hartford thinks that a demolition is the quick and dirty way to do something and Hartford also thinks that everything will be better with a quick fix. Could it be better to do something with the existing building? Will it be better (aesthetically or otherwise) for the neighborhood in 20 years? What I really don’t understand is, who are all these people complaining about this building. I don’t think driving by on the highway everyday qualifies each passerby an opinion that should be listened to.

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While I love everything that I’ve posted on this little blog so much, I am going to take a little break from writing it. I may post something now and then, but if you really want to know what is happening with me I started a travel blog which I will be updating for the next few months:
Enjoy and maybe you’ll hear from me sooner than I think. I mean, I’m in Spain – there is inspiration and architecture everywhere!

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These Mirror Frames

The Selby
Fitzhugh Karolreally just knows what I like in a frame.

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On Vacation

Hi Everyone, I’m in a sleepy little southern town called Starke until Saturday.  Posts will be light.  Enjoy the summer days while they’re here.

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